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Reaching out to New Audiences: The Dating Game

April 5, 2015

ACP President, Terry Sallas Merritt, recently did an interview with, a decidedly new audience for the Abortion Conversation Project. Usually, and unfortunately, pro-choice activists are guilty of “talking to ourselves.” A dating site attracts ordinary people, perhaps people who have never really considered the topic of abortion. And yet, these are  folks that may face an unintended pregnancy or who have already had an abortion experience. Remember, 37% of all women will have an abortion before the age of 45. So, introducing the topic on a general interest site is precisely where we need to be.

According to Sallas Merritt, it’s all about taking small steps that stop perpetuating silence and encourage listening and understanding.

“When the conversation comes up and you hear that stigma language, you don’t want to let it hang in the air. You can say ‘For me, I would not assume I could make this important decision for anyone else but myself,’” she said. “This is what being pro-choice is all about, respecting the moral authority and capability of people to make these decisions. I think even if you are not comfortable sharing your story, you can be comfortable sharing the universal idea of respect and dignity.”

Hayley Matthews, the editor in chief of Dating Advice, is responsible for creating diverse and controversial content for the site. Even if you don’t need a date, check out her content.

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Why Chat?

April 21, 2013

Why Chat?

This is the story of the woman who founded Abortion Chat, a blog that has created a safe space for women to talk about an abortion experience. Under “Why Chat?” she very eloquently states the case for the power of talking: This is why I invite you to chat, because you never know if your story will change someone’s life.

Add Abortion Chat to your blog list. We highly recommend it.

Welcome back!

February 15, 2012

"Abortion Stigma is like the weather: everyone gets wet." --Kate Cockrill

As previously posted, we have taken some time to re-vision the Abortion Conversation Project. We are excited to begin sharing our plans for conversations–in this space and in person. For now, here is our revised Mission/Vision statement:

A Focus on Healing the Destructive Impact of the Abortion Conflict

 Problem: America’s entrenched and volatile polarization on abortion is a destructive force that harms virtually every individual and institution that it touches. Too few of us have the language, skills, or context to discuss the complexity, uncertainty, or intensity they feel about abortion without accusation, judgment, politics, or stigma.

Mission: The Abortion Conversation Project works to undo these destructive impacts, heal those harmed by stigma, and promote reconciliation by creating forums, trainings, and models of open communication on abortion that support people to speak and listen with empathy, dignity, and resilience about even the most difficult aspects of the issue.

Vision: The Abortion Conversation Project is working toward a world in which all people can interact constructively with one another about abortion-related values and experiences with depth, respect, and honesty. Working in communities and nationally, we help the general public develop and practice skills for meaningful, direct interactions about abortion that avoid stigmatization and the dehumanizing effects of all-or-nothing, either/or thinking. Though there may never be consensus on the moral value of abortion or the public policies connected to it, we work toward building a world in which abortion can be addressed directly in our homes, schools, workplaces, and public sphere in a way that honors its profound social, moral, and political complexity and alleviates stigma.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates on our plans!