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‘Giving Voice’ Theme for Abortion Conversation Project Grants

November 16, 2013


            The Abortion Conversation Project announced six successful grants totaling  $5,000 in its Fall 2013 round of mini-grants. “All of the awards focus on amplifying the stories of abortion and the voices of those who have experienced abortion,” noted Peg Johnston of the Abortion Conversation Project Board. The Abortion Conversation Project’s mission is “to challenge the polarization that characterizes abortion conversation, lessen the stigmatization of abortion, and promote speaking and listening with empathy, dignity, and resilience about even the most difficult aspects of abortion.”

            Cindy Cooper of Words of Choice has proposed a walking tour of Reproductive Justice in New York City with their award. Another NYC based award went to Project Voice, a website created by Maya Pindyck, that would promote the site and also “talk back” to anti-abortion propaganda on the streets and subways. Another blog about abortion, Abortion Chat will get funding to do outreach to writers to include the complexity of abortion in their writing.

            Our Bodies, Our Bikes: Women’s Health and Wellness On and Off the Bicycle is an upcoming anthology and will include a chapter on abortion as a result of an honorarium funded by an ACP grant.  Funding was also awarded to Blue Mountain Women’s Clinic in Missoula MT to create local original theatre to tell women’s abortion stories. Image

                        The Abortion Conversation Project was founded in 2000 and spent its early years defining post abortion emotional health, de-stigmatizing abortion through handouts for parents, partners, and patients themselves, and staging community conversations to have deeper conversations among diverse prochoice audiences. After helping to launch the Abortion Care Network, ACP explored conflict transformation techniques and decided to offer small grants to engage many more people in its mission. The Abortion Conversation Project has a website at  as well as a Facebook page. Supporters can also receive an e-newsletter by clicking here. 


Hard Conversations

November 8, 2013

This is a TedX video by Ash Beckham about being in the closet about something–anything and how to have the hard conversations that open the door. It is about her sexual orientation but as she makes clear it is more about any hard thing you need to say. We have long talked about a “Coming Out” Day for abortion providers and women who have had an abortion (or their loved ones). This seems like a good instruction manual for those hard conversations.