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The price of silence

October 27, 2013

The price of silence

David Gunn Jr. has written a painful and poignant account of his father’s estrangement from his family over politics and, more particularly over abortion. Dr. David Gunn was, as you will remember, one of the first casualties of anti abortion violence aimed at doctors. His son chronicles that history so that we can see, tragically, how silence about the divisive issue of abortion strains and breaks relationships. Gunn’s family of origin supposedly did not know he performed abortions until he was killed for it. There is a multiplier effect going on about silence. Silencing was going on not just in Gunn’s family but all the families around them, so there was no chance for normalization, even though, as David tells the family history, they would have chosen abortion  personally in spite of extreme disapproval publicly. Read this account for a detailed look at how silence kills….


Calling for “Abortion Stigma-Busting Videos”

October 14, 2013

Really…?! Abortion Stigma Busting Video Competition

Push back against anti-abortion extremism with your video!


The Abortion Care Network is sponsoring the first-ever video competition to show the world how people feel about the current climate of extreme anti-abortion legislation and societal stigma against abortion. “We are looking for all kinds of videos, from personal stories to pro choice activism, from direct calling out of anti-choice legislators to flashmob actions, as long it busts current stigma against abortion,” according to Peg Johnston, coordinator of the event. “Video is an important tool in changing attitudes and giving voice to those who have been silenced.”

Stigma is a key strategy of anti-abortion extremists who want to shame women into silence about abortion. When women feel they can’t speak up for their rights, conservative legislators can pass laws that close clinics and make barriers for women. It is urgent that we create cultural pushback against those who would try to stigmatize us.

The deadline is January 6th, 2014 and click here for more information and registration form. Or visit the ACN website at or the Facebood page at .  

Videos must be no longer than 3 minutes but very short videos using applications such as Vines or Instagram are also eligible. There are three $200 Judge’s Choice awards and three Honorable Mentions. $100 awards will go to the individual and $100 will go to the winner’s abortion fund of choice. Videos will be shown at Abortion Care Network’s conferences, embedded on related websites, and used for promotional purposes by ACN.

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