Abortion Conversation Project Awards Grants

The Abortion Conversation Project announced six successful grants totally $5,750 in its first round of mini-grants in keeping with its mission “to challenge the polarization that characterizes abortion conversation, lessen the stigmatization of abortion, and promote speaking and listening with empathy, dignity, and resilience about even the most difficult aspects of abortion.”

Grantees include an innovative project called Plants for Patients submitted by Meg Roberts, an artist and potter, who started by creating hand thrown pots with houseplants and offering them to abortion patients. The exchange was transformative for all and Roberts wishes to extend it to other sites. Unite Women received funds to create videos that encourage women to claim their goodness. UniteWomen.org is a new organization that has been extraordinarily successful at social media organizing. The Arizona branch of the Abortion Access Project will be using their funds to reach out to faith communities and facilitate conversations with activists.

The Concord Feminist Health Center will stage a community production of The Abortion Dialogues with a panel discussion after the performance. The Georgia Reproductive Justice Action Network (GRJAN) received funds to for a Transformative Connections Outreach and volunteer training for their advocacy and funding project for women seeking abortions in NE Georgia. Inspire is a new online support group for women who have had an abortion and need a place to discuss their experiences. They will use the ACP funds to make clinics and other organizations aware of the resource.

The Abortion Conversation Project was founded in 2000 and spent its early years defining post abortion emotional health, de-stigmatizing abortion through handouts for parents, partners, and patients themselves, and staging community conversations to have deeper conversations among diverse prochoice audiences. After helping to launch the Abortion Care Network, ACP explored conflict transformation techniques and decided to offer small grants to engage many more people in its mission. The Abortion Conversation Project has a website at www.abortionconversation.com and a blog at https://abortionconversationproject.wordpress.com/, as well as a facebook page. Supporters can also receive an occasional e-newsletter by clicking on this link: http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?llr=c8dmoojab&p=oi&m=1109660143458.

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