Good Women Everywhere

We are pretty excited about the new Good Women videos because they directly challenge the stigma that society throws at women for who they are and the choices they make. Especially during an election cycle, women’s lives can feel like political football.

If you have not seen the videos–they release a couple every day, all with different women asserting their goodness, check them out. But we were very touched by’s blog post by Karen Teegarden. She spoke about her own personal experience with being stigmatized. And she talks about the good woman concept and how much it has affected the women who participate in the videos. Read all about it.

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One Comment on “Good Women Everywhere”

  1. i LOVE the videos and i think it is very brave as well as compassionate for these women to stand up and put their face to abortion.

    maybe people who see the videos will stop and think that maybe the woman they chatted with at the park as their children played together, or the nice lady they encountered at the grocery store has had an abortion before.

    and wasn’t ms. teegarden’s blog entry moving?

    i can’t tell you how happy i am that this project has gotten off the ground.

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