Good Women Video

Watch these Good Women videos!

These videos are really quite historic! Women all over the country, many of whom work in clinics have sent in their photos and signs, “I am a Good Woman” to assert our essential morality to a society that labels us bad for who we are and the choices we make. This is a collaboration with a very new organization that already has an incredible social media reach and chapters in every state. They have the capability to respond quickly to the news and to push back against those who would deny us birth control or abortion services, or cut programs to domestic violence survivors.

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One Comment on “Good Women Video”

  1. omigosh!

    i haven’t been here in a while because i knew you were working to get things up and running and i had started to give up hope that this project wouldn’t get off the ground.

    but i popped in and this was the first thing i saw and i couldn’t be more excited.

    i have seen the meme in FB stating “good women have abortions. we are good women” and had asked about sharing it with other groups i am in.

    but the admins there were unsure of copyrights and so i didn’t want to disrespect that.

    and now i see that this is a campaign here!

    i know it may seem strange that an anti would be excited about this campaign, but abortions never have been, and never will be prevented by stripping someone of her rights. the stigma serves only to impede someone who has had an abortion from finding peace about the decision.

    while i might not affirm a decision that you make, you truly are good women!

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