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Good Women Everywhere

September 28, 2012

We are pretty excited about the new Good Women videos because they directly challenge the stigma that society throws at women for who they are and the choices they make. Especially during an election cycle, women’s lives can feel like political football.

If you have not seen the videos–they release a couple every day, all with different women asserting their goodness, check them out. But we were very touched by’s blog post by Karen Teegarden. She spoke about her own personal experience with being stigmatized. And she talks about the good woman concept and how much it has affected the women who participate in the videos. Read all about it.


Good Women Video

September 27, 2012

Watch these Good Women videos!

These videos are really quite historic! Women all over the country, many of whom work in clinics have sent in their photos and signs, “I am a Good Woman” to assert our essential morality to a society that labels us bad for who we are and the choices we make. This is a collaboration with a very new organization that already has an incredible social media reach and chapters in every state. They have the capability to respond quickly to the news and to push back against those who would deny us birth control or abortion services, or cut programs to domestic violence survivors.

A Lot of Good Conversations…

September 22, 2012
The Abortion Conversation Project is considering 8 projects for funding in our mini-grant competition. Each of the applicants hope to encourage conversations about abortion in new ways or new audiences. The projects will challenge society’s stigma about abortion.Whether or not these projects are chosen, they are all doing amazing, worthwhile, and creative work. Here is the list:Mine: An Anthology of Reproductive Choices
of first person stories of abortion and other reproductive justice issues. Faviana Rodriguez an artist in the This is an Emergency zine designed the poster above.Plants 4 Patients is a project to support patients by giving them a handmade ceramic planter with a small plant and a note of encouragement to promote both emotional and physical healing.

Repeal Hyde Art Project creates awareness of the Hyde Amendment which denies poor women coverage for abortions.

UniteWomen for a video, using flashmobs all over the country.

Inspire is a new online community for women who have had an abortion and want to process the experience.

Georgia Reproductive Justice Access Network an abortion fund wants to recruit and train new volunteers.

Faith Aloud will conduct a 40 days of prayer in advance of the election.

Connecting with Faith Communities The Arizona Abortion Access Project wants to bring together advocates and clergy and people of faith.

Stay tuned for the winning proposals!